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Our job feed provides precise information on job listings sourced from verified job portals. This data serves various purposes, including big data analytics, generating sales leads, and monitoring competitor hiring trends. We furnish essential details such as the date of job posting, employer’s name, job title, associated website, industry, anticipated salary, job type, and geographical specifics like city, state, and zip code.

Jobs Feed Data

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Leading enterprises across the globe choose Global Jobs Data for job feed data and insights, enabling them to pioneer new approaches to workforce management and recruitment.


What We Offer?

We deliver customized lead streams meticulously crafted to match your target demographic, significantly enhancing the reach of your outreach efforts. Our datasets sourced from LinkedIn and Indeed job postings are dependable markers of purchasing intent, rendering them an invaluable asset. We take pride in furnishing comprehensive and consistently precise job data spanning the globe. Thanks to our steadfast dedication to quality, we’ve solidified our position as one of the best-selling job feed providers for the years 2023-2024.

How it works?

At Global Jobs Data, we’ve developed a suite of web data extraction tools designed to simplify data entry and retrieval processes. Our main goal is to eradicate the inefficiencies and obstacles linked with antiquated manual methods.

Recognizing the utmost significance of current information, our automated crawlers work incessantly to ensure uninterrupted access to the latest data. Collaborating with us ensures a seamless experience in staying well-informed.

How it works

Why Choose Global Jobs Data?

In today’s dynamic job market, precise and thorough data holds the key to unlocking myriad opportunities. Whether you’re a business striving for a competitive advantage, a research organization immersed in big data analytics, or a sales team seeking precision in lead generation, Global Jobs Data is your ultimate source for flawless job market insights.

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Who Can Use?

Recruitment Solutions

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Harness fresh job data sourced from leading job boards worldwide to optimize lead generation efficiently. Empower your customized job data feed effortlessly with Global Jobs Data's user-friendly job data format. We assist you in pinpointing and reaching out to the most suitable companies with pertinent hiring requirements.
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Customized Content Delivery

We tailor content for job sites according to your predefined criteria, including job tags, geographical parameters, and slot allocations. Benefit from a job feed service that enables the incorporation of filters, meta tags, and descriptions, enhancing your search algorithms and broadening your job board audience.
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Research & Analytics Support

Elevate your research capabilities with current job data extracted from prominent job boards globally. Receive well-organized and structured data delivery to fuel your data analytics systems. Analyze the job feed, detect trends, generate reports, acquire valuable insights, to enrich your internal data repository.
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Job Board Integration

Global Jobs Data offers aggregated job listings to ensure your job board stays updated with fresh opportunities from global job boards. We provide a ready-to-use data format, allowing you to seamlessly integrate formatted data into your database and enhance your job boards with a vast array of job listings, thereby increasing candidate and recruiter signups.
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Tools for Job Matching

Access clean, current, and comprehensive job data to fuel your AI-based job matching software. Benefit from effortless aggregation of job listings sourced from top job boards worldwide, without incurring infrastructure or maintenance costs. Redirect your valuable resources towards utilizing data rather than gathering it.
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Optimized B2B Lead Generation

We are committed to maximizing opportunities for superior B2B lead generation, driving your company’s business growth. Experience the benefits of accurate, real-time data and confidently analyze market trends. Our focus is on delivering high-quality leads and we’re eager to hear about the strides you’re making in your business.
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What is global Jobs Feed data?

Jobs feed data encompasses information on job openings posted across various job boards and company websites. This data includes details such as job title, location, job description, qualifications, and application deadlines.

What is Jobs Feed scraping?

Jobs feed scraping involves using automated tools or software to extract job feed data from various sources. This data can be utilized for purposes such as job market analysis, lead generation, and recruitment.

What are the benefits of Global Jobs Feed data?

Jobs feed data offers valuable insights into the job market, aiding businesses in identifying potential candidates. It can also be used for competitive analysis and monitoring industry trends.

How is Global Jobs Feed data used?

Jobs feed data can be used for job market analysis, lead generation, and recruitment. It helps businesses identify potential candidates and monitor industry trends.

How long will it take to receive my email list after placing an order?

Once you place your order, we immediately start collecting fresh data. This process usually takes less than 72 hours, after which the data is made available to you.

Do you guarantee accuracy?

Our records come with a 98% accuracy guarantee. If you encounter a lower accuracy rate, contact our customer relations team, and we will replace the inaccurate data at no extra cost. We call this our Bounce-Back Guarantee.


What They Say

Mitch DeForest

“Global Jobs Data has been an essential resource for our recruitment and market analysis efforts. The depth and accuracy of their job feed data have enabled us to identify potential candidates and stay informed about our competitors’ hiring trends. Their services are highly recommended for businesses seeking job market data.”

-Founder @Ramped Carriers

Ajay Gupta

“Partnering with Global Jobs Data has been a game-changer for us. Their job feed data is not only accurate but also incredibly detailed, allowing us to generate high-quality sales leads and monitor industry trends effectively. Their commitment to data accuracy and customer support is unparalleled.”

-CEO & Founder @Stirista

Ahay Oziel

“Global Jobs Data has revolutionized the way we approach job market analytics. The precision and comprehensiveness of their job feed data have provided us with invaluable insights. Their service is reliable, and the data is consistently up-to-date, helping us stay ahead in our competitive industry.”

Senior Account Manager @Bright Data